Service Company software

Everything you need to effectively manage your alarm company. Central Station Integrations, Subscription Billing, and much more.

Complete Maintenance and IAQ evaluations forms help you upsell your clients with a dashboard and automatic Text and Email reminders for cleanings and service.

When your customer has an issue with their OHD you know you need to get out there quick and be able to really document everything. 

Keep track of your cleanings along with what chemicals along with any fixes you need to do during your maintenance. Our billing adds your equipment, chemicals, and pictures to your invoices. 

Very few services are called out as often as an electrician.  Know the job and what you need to bring to the job site. 

WorkHorse is currently building out other Service Trades. If we missed yours let us know about it. If not we have a generic Service Company Software that is a one size fits many.

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