Central Stations

A sync is when you want to pull information from an already existing central station account.
Activate is used when you are creating a new central station or communication provider account.
Navigate to Settings > central stations > add username and password. You first need to contact your Central Station for API credentials. It is not the same login as what you use to log in to your account. If your CS is not listed as an approved WH CS, please send a joint email to your CS provider, and Steven.Hayes@WorkHorseSCS.com, letting them know you want to be integrated.


What is commonly known as RMR in the alarm industry, WH defines it as a subscription.
Navigate to the subscriptions tab, enter in the contact, the company (if commercial), the site, and the system. The start date is when you want the subscription to start on. If you want to prorate the bill, change the next invoice date. Next, add your monitoring, select the frequency, and add a payment method. Net is days after when the invoice is created that payment is due, days in advance are days in advance the customer will receive their invoice.

YES – Subscriptions can be altered at any time.


Navigate to the settings tab, and select “products”. Select “Add Product”, enter the brand, an easy name, a description, a sales price, a sales account, and product type.
There is no limit to the number of products that can be entered into WH.
Once a system is installed, and the invoice is marked as paid, you can not add more products to it. You’d have to either do a one-time deal or a service call.

New System

To enter a new system, first, navigate to the systems tab. Then choose which type of system you would like to build, and fill out the information as accurately as possible. (This will be your single point of data entry for everything in WH.)


Invoices are generated automatically through sales/systems, and service calls. Inside of the systems tab, you can accept an estimate and turn it into an invoice. In the service call tab, the tech, or similar role, must choose the “sign off” button and close the ticket to create the invoice.
Yes, invoices can be edited before they are sent out.
Yes, invoices can be edited once they are sent out. The invoice needs to be resent to the customer once editing is complete.
Make sure the logo is uploaded through Settings > Company Overview

Service Calls

To start a service call, navigate to the service call tab. Select the contact, the company, if it’s commercial, the site, and the system. Reason for the service call – (this will show on the invoice) – What products the tech should bring if any, choose the tech(s) – (if you leave this blank, it will go into unassigned status). Check to make sure your billables are correct and submit the service ticket. If “notify customer” is checked, it will send texts to them when the technician is en route, on-site, and when the service call is completed.
As the tech clicks en-route, on sight, complete, it sends updates to the customer.
It will update the status in WH. It will show that the service call was completed.
There will be a history of the call, as well as information on which tech it was assigned to.
Until it is paid, the service call can be reopened and altered.
The service call will be assigned to them. They will be sent text notifications of the appointment time, date, and location. The service call will also be placed on their calendar inside WH, and their google calendar if it is synched. The technician will click en route, on sight, and complete within the service call window. Attachments, comments, and follow-up appointments can also be entered in the service call screen. “On sight” starts the billable time, and “complete” stops the billable time, but does not close the service call until the customer signs off on it.


Basecamp is a support chat to get in contact with the WH team.
Yes. Basecamp is the fastest, most reliable way to contact the WH team.
All WH employees, as well as assigned users within a company.


A contact is the person you are making the sale to. This should be a real person, not the company name if it is commercial.
No. A company should not be a contact. A company can not sign a contract, only an individual or “contact” can.

Communication Partners

WH is currently integrated with 5 communication partners. If you don’t see your communication partner, please send a joint email to Steven.Hayes@WorkHorseSCS.com, as well as your communication partner.
Alarm.com, Alula, Securenet, Securecom – Create a unique username and password with admin privileges for WH, navigate to communication partners, add the credentials and submit. Alarmnet360, Resideo – Create a unique username and password with admin privileges in WH. Send it to Michael.Barrett@resideo.com, ask to make the username and password as API credentials for WH, and submit them to Steven.Hayes@WorkHorseSCS.com.


The dispatch screen is split into two modules. One is a day look at the calendar, the other is a high-level view of today’s tickets, where the techs are, as well as all of the unassigned tickets.
Technicians need to be added under the settings tab. Navigate to users, and label them as techs. Only techs will show up on the dispatch screen. *adding additional roles does not increase the cost of WH*.
If your calendar is a Google Calendar, yes.
There is no limit to the number of techs you can have on the dispatch screen.


Tasks are assignable reminders for you and your team.
Yes, any user can assign tasks in WH.
On each task, there will be a drop-down menu. Simply mark it as “complete”.


No, your WH calendar is only viewable by you.
Yes, everyone has their own calendar inside of WH.
Yes, we are integrated with Google Calendar in WH.

Merchant Services

“Merchant services” is a term to describe credit card and ACH payment processing.
After you apply and are approved, WH will take care of the rest.

WH integrates with the following: Authorized.net, Fortis Pay,
Sphere, USIO. (Though all are supported, in order to receive active support in WH with your MS, we
currently support Fortis pay.)


Yes. WH will import your documents, and match them up to the WH fields that are found in both the form and WH.
There is no limit to the amount of eDocs you can have inside WH.


No, we are mobile-friendly. WH works best on a computer or tablet.
Google Chrome is the best browser for WH on all devices.
No, our system is very user-friendly and simple to use.


The accounting tab is where you will see all of your receivables.
WH will only sync with QB online. (It works best with the “pro” version).
Estimates are created automatically when you create a new system or service call. Estimates can be saved and converted into invoices.
Transactions are the payments or refunds against invoices.
The daily batch report shows all payments made for that day.
We Workwith Communication Partners