WorkHorse's Alarm Company Software is the way for Alarm Companies to manage their entire business from one location.

No reason to have an edocs account, Field Service Account, CRM, Billing Software and more. It is all standard with WorkHorseSCS.

Sales CRM

WorkHorse Sales CRM allows you to easily track your sales process providing instant access to your sales and helping you close more efficiently.


Getting paid correctly and on time is the key to success in business. WorkHorse makes that easy for you with our Invoicing module.

The Lifeblood of the Alarm Industry is RMR. AlarmCompany.Software has a robust RMR option including Credit Card Updater so even expired or Lost / Stolen Cards get charged!


Any project requires accurate scheduling and the ability to rapidly make changes and corrections. WorkHorse Scheduling module does this and more.

Cut Your Software Costs WorkHorse
1 Software to Rule Them All.

Work Orders

Work orders are a key part of managing your projects. WorkHorse Work Orders makes this process simple and efficient.

Icon Proposal & PO tool

Preparing proposals is no longer tedious if you use WorkHorse’s Proposal and PO module. Our Proposal generator allows you to create custom proposals, then save them for future use.

Multiple Pricing Tiers to help keep your costs where you need them to be.
WorkHorse AlarmCompany.Software is integrated with some of the top central stations in the country.

Single point of Data Entry is important and shouldn’t just stop with your Accounting Systems. Check out our list of Communication Partners. Even if we don’t integrate it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to track it.

Cloud Hosting On AWS allows WorkHorse to load balance across the US and offer Enterprise hosting using AWS Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2)

icon Cloud Storage

Effective project management includes the ability to retrieve client or project information as needed. WorkHorse provides this capability with our Cloud Storage System.

Training and Help on your Time​

The team at WorkHorse looks forward to working with you and your team. 

Communication Partners

  • Create Accounts
  • Access to Partner Portal
  • Track all of the Zones and Add-ons


Now all of your Customers Information, Invoices, and Payments get pushed from WorkHorse to Quickbooks in real time!

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