WorkHorse Sales CRM allows you to easily track your sales process providing instant access to your sales and helping you close more efficiently.

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Selling Alarms and Access is different than selling Cameras or Networking so AlarmCompany.Software created specific processes to help salesmen and estimators get all the information needed to create and estimate or a sale

Step 1

Get all of the information you need to create the Contact, Company, and Site. If the customers is already in the system you can look them up by name or email address. If you are running credit get the info needed to do to. With our Google Maps Integration you are sure to get the right address every time.

Step 2

Collect your RMR, Central Station information, Communication, and equipment. WorkHorse has your tax tables built right in to assure that you are collecting the right sales tax

Step 3

Alarms are different that Access and CCTV. WorkHorse allows you schedule the installation, get the verbal passcode, and emergency contacts. In a CCTV Sale you can add pictures of where the cameras go and where you want each camera.

Step 4

In step 4 we finalize the Estimate or Invoice. Send an Estimate OR Create an invoice and take a deposit on the deal at the touch of a button. Step 4 makes sure that you have collected all of the information necessary to create your central station and Accounts. It also sets you up for your RMR and more

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