Dynamark Monitoring


Introducing Instant Connect.

Dynamark’s industry-leading SMS based chat has lowered false alarms for dealers by over 40%. Stop false alarm fines and reduce cancellations with Instant Connect.

Why Dynamark?

Dynamark has made unparalleled investments in technology and coupled it with the industry’s most highly trained and qualified team members. Together this powerful combination allows us to serve our mission of saving lives and assets in today’s connected world.

Dynamark Monitoring

Always Innovating.

In addition to running an industry leading operation we have always believed in our responsibility to keep an eye toward the future. We are proud to have pioneered and created some of the industries newest technologies designed to support our customers, drive efficiencies, and improve the customer experience.

Software Integrations

Work natively and integrate with some companies like Alarm.com, Workhorse, Security Trax, One Stop Portal, Alarm Hive, Sureview, Imex, and more!

Customer Dashboards

Work efficiently with InSite, a fully functional web dashboard, designed to help your team work more precisely and gain greater insight into your customers needs.

IoT integration and Open API

Our development team can help you bring your idea or product to life. Our open API and collaborative approach mean faster development cycles and lower deployment costs.

WorksWith WorkHorse SCS