Rapid Response Monitoring Services(RRMS)


Rapid Response Monitoring is committed to having the most qualified, extensively trained personnel and the most advanced technologies available with the purpose of providing our Dealers and their customers with the very best monitoring services. Our mission is to protect lives and property and to ensure the safety and welfare of employees and families nationwide. No other monitoring provider has invested more resources in pursuit of this mission.


Advanced Technologies

Mirrored capabilities with multi-redundant systems at all levels. Each can support the full load of incoming signal activity to supercharge efficiency and speed. Rapid Response provides proprietary connectivity services for Dealer and customer account management as well as integrations with the industry’s leading services and providers, including Workhorse.

Peerless Services

Combined with an incomparable technology infrastructure, our personnel selection, training and mentoring processes put our people to work with extraordinary tools to meet your needs. Only the top 3% of all applicants may hold these positions.

Stringent Ongoing Training

Our intensive six-week corporate training program is the most stringent in the industry. Critical event and adverse situational training keep our specialists prepared to provide unsurpassed service.


Regional Account Managers


WorksWith WorkHorse SCS